Benelegion Castle

Dear citizens of the server [NL] Benelegion,

After days of blood, sweat and tears, our best city building engineers have been working in close cooperation to restore our old castle and it's city to her former glory!

Now is the day we, Guild Benelegion, like to present our new "The Benelegion Castle"! It is smaller as seen on the former island but we hope it's more strategically located and tactically better to defend while under siege.

An early Castle build was captured on video by GamingWiggler

Signed by Lewis Douglas, inhabitant of the Benelegion Castle.

Castle visitors

If you happen to wander the world and spot a white horse flag, know we are near! Do not fear, we come in peace, bringing prosperity to mankind. Therefore, we welcome every peacefull citizen in our city and are even willing to do guided tours.

For visitors of The Benelegion Castle, please announce your arrival ahead so our guards will stand ground and not operate in high alert mode or even attack you!

Warning, to all that mean to do us harm, beware of the white horses and run for your lives!


We are present in Life is Feudal

Our map can be found at

Our server info: [NL] Benelegion

All visitors are adviced to use our TeamSpeak3 server.

Ingame contacts is: Lewis Douglas